Head of section: Jeremy Schreiber


The Sports Department of the Student Union is a new department that has assigned itself the task of maintaining and supporting sports activities within and outside of the IDC as well as providing tools and raising awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy sporting lifestyle and benefits.
The sector's purpose is to promote and manage a wide base of sport classes and workshops for IDC students, bring in a "fresh" spirit and encourage students to take part in sport activities at the IDC. The sector is looking for hardworking students, who have a passion for sports and wish to promote and expand the sports field at the IDC. 


•    High motivation and passion for the field
•    A strong desire to lead change
•    Creativity and 'thinking outside the box'
•    Personal Initiative 
•    Management of complex projects
•    Good interpersonal skills
•    Availability and perseverance

Apply here: jeremyabc2@gmail.com



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