Head of section: Or Gayer


The PR and Marketing Sector is responsible for informing students about the various activities in campus, including the welfare department events and all academic initiatives and conferences. The sector's goal is to increase the involvement of IDC students in the activities offered by the IDC and the Student Union. By advertising the various events that take place every year, the sector seeks to enrich the cultural life on campus, with the belief that the IDC experience is much more than a "pursuit of a degree." Our work consists of close collaboration with the fellow sectors in the department, including the Marketing Sector and Events Sector.
We are looking for people who can bring crazy ideas into life! 


•    Good Vibes - a must!
•    High motivation, availability and personal responsibility
•    Articulation and verbalization skills 
•    Writing Skills
•    Creative and innovative thinking
•    Personal initiative, teamwork skills, ability to execute various projects 
•    Previous experience in marketing and content writing - advantage
•    Previous experience in graphic design - an advantage

Apply here: orgayer11@gmail.com


PR and Marketing Sector, Welfare & Academy

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