Head of section: Gal Zion


Following the Student Union's vision to improve the welfare of IDC students, the field of consumer benefits has gained significant volume in recent years. The main purpose of the sector is to lower the cost of living, with the understanding that the IDC student body has enormous consumer power of over 8,000 students. Therefore, we must maximize the opportunities and benefits available to us, high quality population of consumers.

The sector's aims include: creation of an IDC credit card, establishment of the Student Union "Web Shop", promotion of purchasing groups, considerable reduction of expenses for students and collaboration with businesses in campus and Herzliya. In addition, the sector aim to create new fields of cooperation with large commercial companies and networks and increase the awareness of students regarding available benefits. 


•    Persuasion and negotiation abilities
•    Personal initiative 
•    Assertiveness and motivation to make an impact
•    computer work environment 
•    Both independent and teamwork skills
•    Similar work experience - an advantage 

Apply here: gal2006@gmail.com


Student Consumer Benefit Sector 

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