Head of section: Hodaya Zingboim


The ultimate goal of the sector is to raise awareness among IDC students regarding social involvement opportunities, increase their involvement in the society and constitute the focal point for students seeking to take part in community service activities. The main objectives of this sector are:

1. Expose available volunteer projects to the student body

2. Increase the students' involvement in Israeli society

3. Create a wide range of volunteering opportunities, in a variety of fields.

If community service is an integral part in your life, you've come to the right place! We believe that the aspiration to build a better society stems from the desire for social change, and that this desire exists among individuals who seek to act for the greater good. We aim to constantly increase the extent of social involvement at IDC, while turning our sector into a substantial platform in this field. The sector's ongoing work focuses on the creation of community service opportunities, such as volunteering in hospitals, renovation of institutions in need and more. Other projects include "Good Deeds Day", "Warm Winter Initiative", "Inside-Out Day" (a day of gratitude to the IDC employees) and more. In addition, the sector is open to suggestion and ideas from students- the power to change is in everyone's hands! The sector is also responsible for connecting between nonprofits and organizations and IDC students, with the aim of creating a growing data base of associations and organizations that are in need of volunteers and connect them to students who wish to contribute and make and impact. Such connections take place at the beginning of each year, at the Social Involvement Fair, which exposes IDC students to a wide range of associations and organizations and provides them with various volunteering opportunities.


•    Motivation and passion for community involvement.
•    Management of complex projects
•    Teamwork skills
•    Personal initiative
•    Thinking "outside the box", creativity
•    Desire to influence and create positive change in society

Apply here: hodaya271196@gmail.com


Social Involvement Sector – 

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