The disciplinary committee deals with disciplinary complaints that have been lodged against students following a disciplinary offense, a violation of IDC Disciplinary Regulations or a violation of instructions given by the lecturers. The purpose of the disciplinary hearing, held before the IDC Herzliya disciplinary committee, is to investigate each case individually, and if necessary impose punishments against students who violated the regulations require.

The Student Union provides IDC students consulting and legal representation in the disciplinary hearings, disciplinary committee and appeals committee. The representative's work includes building the defense portfolio and providing counseling to the accused student. Then, he / her will represent the student and help him / her along the process in the various disciplinary authorities.

The representation work includes ongoing work with the Complainant, the disciplinary committee coordinator on behalf of the student Dean, chairperson of the disciplinary committee and chairperson of the appeals committee.


Disciplinary Hearings Committee