Head of section: Ronny Ginsburg


The Academic Innovation sector is intended to provide effective learning tools for students throughout campus, primarily through technological means (but not necessarily), alongside sharing of information and study materials among students.

The sector aims to improve the academic database at IDC, making it more accessible and effective for students in all schools; increase the accessibility of learning tools and technological tools in order to improve the student's learning experience, both on the personal and group level- during the student's independent learning experience, and during frontal lectures. This year we will also focus on two new initiatives : computerized tests and interactive academic balance.

The motto is simple: academy comes first. 


•    Articulation and verbalization skills 
•    Creative and original thinking
•    Writing Skills
•    Persuasion skills
•    Precision and emphasis on details
•    High motivation and commitment
•    Experience in public relations - an advantage

Apply here: ronnyginsburg@gmail.com


Academic Innovation Sector 

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