Head of section: Amit Goldman


The Student Initiatives Sector aims to expand the extent of student initiatives at IDC. The purpose of the sector is to provide guidance to IDC students and assisting them in the promotion of their ventures. The sector provides students dedicated and professional assistance, starting from the planning stage and up to the final implementation phase. There sector deals with a broad range of initiatives, including community service projects, establishment of new clubs, organization of tours, lectures and workshops, production of events and more. The common feature of all these initiatives, is the desire to enhance, assist and improve student life on campus and beyond it.

The sector's staff members will help students turn their ideas into reality, providing the necessary support to build their initiative at the the practical level. By providing advice and guidance throughout the planning stage, using available budgets provided by the Student Union and a referring the students to relevant bodies at the IDC or any other body that can assist in promoting the initiative.


•    Motivation and desire to improve our society
•    High commitment, perseverance and determination
•    Seriousness and responsibility
•    "thinking outside the box" and creative thinking
•    Management of complex projects 
•    Advice and guidance capabilities 
•    Good interpersonal skills

Apply here: amitagoldman@gmail.com


Student Initiatives Sector 

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