Head of section: Lee-or Yagel


The Transportation sector aim is to improve the welfare of the student in the transport sector by improving the transportation options available to campus and outside of it. Our goal is to create awareness among students as to alternative transportation channels.

The sector is rigorously working to implement its objectives on both the macro and micro level on a number of levels:

  • 'CamBus' - a shuttle service from the Herzliya train station to the IDC- the flagship project of the Department. Among our objectives: to improve the service and overall travel experience, and optimize the planning, managing and conduct of the project.

  • Identify other public transportation alternatives and additional channels other than the ones currently available on campus.

  • Green transportation - explore alternative options for green transportation and integrating then into the Student Union's services. 

  • Production of various events in cooperation with the sustainability sector and issuing incentives for potential users, while combining intensive marketing in the field.

  • The Parking Lot Project – planning and execution of additional parking spaces around campus as well as practical parking solutions. In addition, the sector deals with the maintenance of existing parking lots

  • "IDC Ride" – enhancement of the social infrastructure and building a cooperative network to promote student rides.


•    Motivation
•    Patience and strategic thinking
•    Creativity and personal initiative
•    Dealing with small details
•    Ability to manage ongoing projects
•    Research and development capability

Apply here: Tachbura@post.idc.ac.il


Transportation Sector 

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