Head of section: Zohar On

Sector description:

The sector is responsibile of establishing the connection between students at IDC and the rest of the world in four different ways:

Foreign realations - Connecting Jewish organizations and collaborating with other Student Unions all over the world. The sector will develop new delegations and shared events for the international and the Israeli school.

Studential experience - The sector is In charge of the student exchange conference and networking with other Universities.

Academy - Exposing our students to various options of studying abroad, including scholarship options, Master degrees abroad and more.

Israel advocacy - Working with different organizations such as JAFI, StandWithUs and the minister of foreign affairs on creating unique events - finding solutions for ways to advocate for Israel.


  • Hebrew and English - mother tongue

  • Creativity

  • Experience in the foreign relations field

  • Connection to both the Israeli school and RRIS

Apply here: onnzohar@gmail.com


Foreign Affairs

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