Head of section: Assa Elguez


IDC Herzliya has the utmost respect and appreciation for those who serve in the IDF and was the first academic institution to award academic credits for significant periods of active reserve duty. Our goal at the Reserve Duty Sector, is to ensure peace of mind for IDC students who leave for reserve duty. We have managed to provide significant benefits to our students, including academic assistance in setting new exam dates, make up classes, priority in lending library books and copy cards. These benefits and more, are all meant to ensure IDC students who serve in reserve duty, don’t have to worry about the day after they come back from reserves.

In 2014, the IDC received the "Shield of the Reserves Award" (Magen HaMiluim) on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, a recognition of IDC's spirit of support and appreciation for its students serving in the security forces.
Two years ago, the sector opened the 'Reserves- IDC' Facebook page, which includes all of the IDC reservists and is expected to pass the threshold of a 1000 members by the beginning of next year. 

Throughout the year, the Reserve Duty Sector has operated for the benefit of students’ welfare, by providing unique benefits and reducing relevant academic gaps.  Through our ongoing work, we aim to provide high quality, effective assistance to challenges faced by IDC reservists. This includes updating and upgrading of benefits provided to reservists; further changes in regulation; and IDC's annual tribute event for reservists. 
As a part of the sector's ongoing work, each volunteer will be responsible for a different area in the sector: E-mail management, marketing and advertising, sweepstakes, budget management. Facebook page management and more.


  • Good interpersonal skills- emphasis on teamwork and working with officials in the IDC and Student Union.

  • Motivation to take part in meaningful work

  • Availability and serviceability- to assist a unique population of over 700 male and female IDC students who serve in reserve duty

  • Personal responsibility.

  • First hand experience with reservists

Apply here: assa.elguez@gmail.com


Reserve Duty Sector 

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