Head of section: Sapir Moliov


Looking to take on a significant role in the Student Union? Are you interested in influencing the social atmosphere on campus? Now is your chance!
The Events Sector is the stage for you- it is time to pepper up life on campus! 
The sector focuses on creative management, production and operation of the various cultural events that take place in campus each year.

The sector is responsible for the planning and execution of the Student Union's events, such as active breaks, festivals live shows and even the Drive-In!

The sector works in close contact with all sectors in the Student Union and works in collaboration with the Events Department in campus.


•    High Availability - must!
•    High motivation - a must!
•    Teamwork capabilities - a must!
•    Dominant and charismatic personality 
•    Personal initiative and motivation to lead and manage complex projects
•    Experience in managing and producing events - a significant advantage
•    Work experience and negotiation with suppliers - an advantage.
•    Graphic design, photography and editing skills - advantage.

•    Creative thinking

Apply here: sapir8923@gmail.com


Events & Productions sector 

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