Head of section: Aviv Asayag


The RRIS academic forum contains all the class reps of the International school. Each school is launching various event throughout the year. The Marketing sector of the RRIS academic forum department is in charge of promoting different events and make the current events of the student union more accessible for all. We aim to close the gap between the Israeli and the International school by adjusting the PR meterials so they will fit all students.



•    Good Vibes - a must!

  • This position is for RRIS students only!

•    High motivation, availability and personal responsibility
•    Articulation and verbalization skills 
•    Writing Skills
•    Creative and innovative thinking
•    Personal initiative, teamwork skills, ability to execute various projects 
•    Previous experience in marketing and content writing - advantage
•    Previous experience in graphic design - an advantage

Apply here: asayagaviv@gmail.com



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