Danielle Williams


The RRIS Culture Department is a brand new department that was created in order to begin normalizing relations between the Israeli and international students at IDC. This year we will work to create events, initiatives, volunteering projects, and extracurricular activities that give Israelis and international students opportunities to socialize both on and off campus. This year we hope to develop a stronger “campus culture” that entices students to regularly socialize and spend their free time on campus.


We are seeking volunteers who want to be part of a passionate, cooperative and organized team of volunteers who will work on things such as:

  • event planning, marketing and management

  • expanding and improving the sports and extracurricular opportunities offered to RRIS students

  • planning social events for Israeli and RRIS students

  • creating artistic opportunities at IDC  

  • and much much more!

Requirements for volunteering in the Culture Department:

This position is for RRIS students only!

  • Management skills

  • Good teamwork skills

  • Self motivated

  • Creative and innovating thinking

Apply here: cremorah33@gmail.com


RRIS Culture